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VESA standard - What does the VESA standard mean?

The VESA standard is a standard for attaching flat screens / LCD / monitors / televisions to monitor mounts or TV mounts. Depending on the size and weight of the screen, at least four threads or holes are defined. With the VESA standard you can attach your TV to a monitor mount for the wall, the table or the ceiling. Prerequisite is that both the monitor / TV and the monitor mount have the same VESA standard. The most important questions, for example what the VESA standard means and which standards exist, have been compiled on this website.

Common / known VESA standards are VESA MIS-D, MIS-E and MIS-F. In addition, there are individual adapters. Read more ..

On the back of the screens are threaded holes for recording a bracket. More about: How is the VESA standard measured?

Step by step instructions how to find a matching bracket with your VESA standard. Step-by-Step instruction

What happens if your TV do not have a VESA standard? How to mount a VESA adapter? Frequently asked questions