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VESA adapter for Apple devices

Most Apple displays, such as the iMac or Thunderbolt, do not have a VESA mounting. However, only with a VESA mount the iMac or Thunderbolt can be attached to for example a wall mount with a swivel arm or desk mount. Therefore the Apple has to be upgraded with a VESA adapter. Meanwhile, Apple offers iMac computers with built-in VESA port.

The installation or assembly is easy. The VESA adapter is attached to the iMac or Thunderbolt instead of the pedestal. Afterwards the Apple iMac or Thunderbolt can be attached to any monitor mount with the VESA mount of the chosen adapter. This is usually 75x75 or 100x100, which corresponds to the VESA MIS-D Standard.

Apple iMac VESA Adapter

Apple adapter of well-known manufacturer

  • Apple VESA Adapter for Pro Display XDR
    Model Number: MWUF2D/A
    Suitable for: Apple Pro Display XDR

  • Apple VESA Mount Adapter Kit
    Model Number: MD179ZM / A
    Suitable for: iMac Cinema Thunderbolt Display

  • MonLines V019 VESA adapter 75x75mm for Apple iMac
    Model Number: V019
    Suitable for: 24 inch Apple iMac, 27 inch Apple iMac, 27 inch Apple Thunderbolt display

  • MonLines V020 VESA adapter for Apple iMac with stand
    Model Number: V020
    Suitable for: iMac 21, 24 and 27 inches, LED Cinema Display 24 and 27", Thunderbolt Display 27 inches

  • NewStar FPMA-VESAMAC Apple iMac VESA Adapter
    Model Number: FPMA-VESAMAC
    Suitable for: 24" iMac, 27" iMac, 24 " LED Cinema Display, 27" LED Cinema Display, 27 " Apple Thunderbolt

  • NewStar FPMA-VESAMAC2127 Apple iMac VESA Adapter
    Model Number: FPMA-VESAMAC2127
    Suitable for: Apple iMac 21.5"- 27"

Online shops with VESA adapters & possibility of custom-made products

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