Guide, tips & tricks about the VESA standard
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VESA adapter for MSI TV / screens

Some MSI monitors or screens do not have a VESA recording (including some of the gaming curved monitors). The VESA standard makes it possible to attach a monitor or television to a bracket / monitor mount (e.g. table bracket, wall bracket). With a VESA adapter, the MSI monitors receive a VESA mount afterwards. If the monitor and bracket have the same VESA mount, the screen can be attached to the monitor bracket quickly and easily.

HP VESA adapter from well-known manufacturers

  • MonLines V064 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: MSI Optix G241VC 23,6 inch

Online shops with VESA adapters especially for HP screens

You can buy VESA adapters in one of the online shops. For VESA adapters, the online shop should be highlighted, because the largest variety of VESA adapters and monitor mounts can be found there. The range includes TV wall mounts, table mounts, ceiling mounts, mounts for curved monitors and feet / TV stands. You are missing your MSI monitor or looking for a special solution? MonLines manufactures individual VESA adapters and monitor holders.