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VESA adapter for Samsung TV

Some Samsung TV models do not have VESA holes on the back. Attaching the TV to a TV wall mount, for example, becomes almost impossible. The solution is a VESA adapter, which is attached to the Samsung. Depending on the VESA adapter, a for example VESA recording 75x75 or 100x100 is now useable with the adapter. VESA 75/100 are standards for monitor mounts. Now only the right holder has to be selected. Note: When choosing your monitor mount, keep in mind the weight of your TV and the carrying capacity of the bracket. For more tips, see tips to your monitor mount.

Another possible scenario is that although your Samsung TV has a VESA standard, it does not match with the VESA of the selected monitor mount. For example, your TV set has a VESA standard of 75x75, but the selected wall mount is 100x100. The solution is also a VESA adapter, which extends the VESA standard. Find out and measure your VESA.

Mount a VESA adapter on a Samsung TV

Do I need a VESA adapter for my Samsung?

  • MonLines V002S VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung S24C750P, S27C750P

  • MonLines V008 VESA Adapter 75x75 to 100x100mm
    Suitable for: Samsung S24F356F

  • MonLines V014 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung U28E590D

  • MonLines V027 VESA Adapter for Samsung SE390 series
    Samsung S22E360H, S24E360HL, S27E360F, S27E360H, S24E390HL, S27E390H, S22E391H, S24E391HL, S27E391H, S22E393H, S24E393HL, S27E393H, S24E395H PLUS, S22E395H PLUS, S27E395H PLUS

  • MonLines V031B VESA Adapter for Samsung monitors
    Suitable for: B2030, B2230, B2230H, B2230HD, B2330, B2330H, B2330HD, B2430H, B2430HD, BX2031, BX2231, BX2331, BX2431, LS19A10NS, P2370HD, P2370HD, P2570HD, P2770FH, P2770H, P2770HD, PX2370, S19B150N, S19C150F, S20A300B, S20A350B, S20B300B, S20B350H, S20C300BL, S20D300H, S22A100N, S22A300B, S22A350H, S22B150N, S22B300B, S22B300H, S22B350H, S22C150N, S22C300H, S22C350H, S22D300HY, S22D300NY, S23A300B, S23A350H, S23A700D, S23B300B, S23B350H, S23B550V, S23C350H, S23C570H, S24A300B, S24A350H, S24B150BL, S24B300EL, S24B300HL, S24B350HL, S24C300HL, S24C350HL, S24C570HL, S24D300H, S24D300HL, S27A350H, S27B350H, S27B550V, S27C350H, S27C500H, S27C570H, SyncMaster 2032NW / 2232BW / 2232GW, T22B350ND, T24B350ND, T24C550ND, T27A300, T27B350ND, XL2370

  • MonLines V034 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung C27H711, C32H711

  • MonLines V052 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung 32UR59C

  • MonLines V055 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung T240 und T260

  • MonLines V060 VESA Adapter
    Suitable for: Samsung C24FG73 / C27FG73

Online stores with VESA adapters for Samsung televisions

You can find and buy suitable VESA adapters in one of the listed online shops. For VESA adapters the online is particularly noteworthy, because it offers the widest variety of products. Is your Samsung model missing or do you need a special solution? MonLines manufactures individual VESA adapter and monitor mounts.