Guide, tips & tricks about the VESA standard
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VESA adapter / adapter plates

VESA adapters are used when, for example, the TV or monitor has no VESA mounting holes, or the screen has a different VESA standard than the monitor mount. Universal or model-dependent VESA adapters can then be used for this purpose.

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Universal adapters to enlarge or reduce the VESA recording

A universal VESA adapter for example makes sense, if you have bought a new television and want to continue to use the previous TV wall mount. Maybe the VESA hole dimension of the new TV deviates now from the VESA mount of the holder. For this problem universal VESA adapter plates are used, which reduce or enlarge the VESA (for example, from 75x75 to 100x100). Note: It is important to ensure that the holder carries the weight of the new TV as well (see more tips.

VESA adapter for monitors without VESA mounting

If the screen does not have mounting holes, you can still attach your TV to a monitor mount with an adapter. There are VESA adapters for all popular manufacturers e.g. Apple, LG OLED, Loewe, Metz, Samsung, Sony, ViewSonic, and much more available. Some VESA adapters, such as those from Loewe, also function as a simple wall mount. Others are the connection between the TV and monitor mount.

MonLines is specialized in the production of individual VESA adapters and manufactures suitable adapters on request. The VESA adapter can be manufactured model-specifically for the respective TV set in single or mass production.