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VESA Standard MIS F

Even larger TVs are moving into the shops and the living rooms. Most of these monitors have the VESA MIS-F standard. There are usually 6 threaded holes on the back of the screens. The hole pattern can vary, which means there may be different mounting holes 200mm apart. A distance of 400x200 mm (horizontal distance x vertical distance of the threaded holes) also corresponds to the VESA MIS-F standard like 600x400. Even deviations from the 200mm distance, such as 300x300mm, are not uncommon.

VESA MIS-F drawing

Key data VESA Norm MIS-F

  • VESA mounting holes / hole pattern: 400x200, 400x400, 600x200, 600x400, 800x400 mm
  • Maximum weight: max. 113,6 kg
  • Screen size: 78,7 bis 228,6 cm

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For monitors or televisions with a VESA MIS-F recording, a wide range of monitor mounts from renowned manufacturers such as Ergotron, Newstar, peerless, or Vogels are available. These include, for example, TV ceiling brackets, electrical monitor holders, monitor stands, multiple brackets, column mounts, cabinet brackets, slatwall monitor holders, desk brackets, traverse brackets or wall mounts. All monitor mounts can be attached directly to the screen by the VESA standard.