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VESA adapter for Metz TV / TV device

You want to attach your Metz TV to a monitor mount (for example on the wall, ceiling, table, sideboard)? Then you may need a VESA adapter plate. The background is that some Metz televisions have no VESA mounting on the back. However, a VESA mounting is necessary to attach the TV, for example, to a suitable TV wall mount. A Metz adapter plate is then the connection plate between the TV set and a wall holder.

Mount a VESA adapter - Metz TV

Do I need a Metz VESA adapter?

To find out if your METZ TV needs a VESA adapter plate or spacers, you can determine the VESA standard yourself. Alternatively, you can find out what kind of VESA your Metz TV has and if you need a VESA adapter with the Metz Chassis / Models pdf document.

VESA adapter / adapter plates

  • MonLines VESA mount adapter plate 013ZM1091 for Metz televisions
    Suitable for: Metz Axio 32 / 37 / 42, Metz Axio pro 26 / 32 / 37 / 42, Metz Carat 32-70, Metz Chorus S 32 / 37, Metz Corum 32 / 37, Metz Linea 26 / 32 / 37, Metz Linus 32 / 37 / 42, Metz Milos 26 / 32 / 37, Metz Mondial 32 / 37, Metz Puros 32 / 37, Metz Sirius 32 / 37 / 42, Metz Talio 26 / 32 / 37

Online shops with VESA adapters and wall mounts specially developed for Metz

You can buy VESA adapters in one of the listed online shops. In the case of VESA adapters, the online shop is particularly noteworthy, as it offers the widest variety of products. Is your Metz model / device missing or are you looking for a special solution? MonLines manufactures custom VESA adapters and monitor holders.