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MonLines - VESA adapter for TV devices

Ergonomics, function and design can be found in almost all areas of life. These include monitor brackets that allow the TV to be mounted swivel on the wall or ergonomically orientable desktop desk mounts. When dealing with the subject, the word VESA standard maybe appears for the first time. Only if a monitor / screen / TV / TV device has a VESA recording, it can be easily attached to a mount. If the recording is missing or the VESA standard is too small, VESA adapters are the solution. MonLines has specialized in this field and has already designed and manufactured appealing and functional VESA adapterss for many high-quality television models.

MonLines VESA Adapter

VESA adapter for well-known TV manufacturers

The product range in the VESA Adapter segment is the adapters themselves, but also adapter bolts or adapter plates. A list can be seen by clicking on the respective brand.

  • Apple (VESA dapter)
  • HP (VESA adapter V045 for HP Hewlett Packard Displays)
  • LG (VESA adapter, VESA extensions)
  • Loewe (VESA adapter, adapter bolts, TV wall mounts)
  • Metz (VESA adapter)
  • Samsung (VESA adapter, VESA extensions)
  • Sony (VESA adapter)
  • ViewSonic (VESA adapter)

Universal VESA extensions

In addition to the model-specific VESA adapters, MonLines offers universally usable adapter plates that can extend or shrink the existing VESA standard of the monitors (for example, from 75x75 to 100x100).

  • MonLines V005 VESA adapter plate from 75x75 to 100x100mm
  • MonLines V006B VESA adapter plate from 100x100 to 200x100, black
  • MonLines V006S VESA adapter plate from 100x100 to 200x100, silver
  • MonLines V004 VESA adapter plate from 100x100 to 200x200, silver
  • MonLines MPH001 rotatable VESA adapter plate for pivot function (90 degrees) with VESA 100x100, black
  • MonLines V078S height adjustable VESA adapter, silver

Online shops with VESA adapters, adapter plates, adapter bolts

You can buy VESA adapters in one of the listed online shops. For VESA adapters the online Shop is particularly noteworthy, because it offers the widest variety of products. Is your TV model / device missing or are you looking for a special solution? MonLines manufactures custom VESA adapters and monitor mounts. Contact MonLines directly.